Sunken Brawl is a game about underwater battles.
Sea creatures from all under the ocean fight each other for a place
to live in the All Blue sanctuary when a threat to all aquatic life emerges from the depths.
Up to four players can choose among sixteen slimy characters with different abilities and special powers to battle!


Akuarou was once a brave guardian of his species who fought with his bow in many battles
but he was mortally wounded during a massive bombardment in the bay he was supposed to guard.
His skeleton was ripped away from his body, but an ancient curse kept him alive. Embracing the darkness
from his undeath, he’s fighting for power and will make a ritual sacrifice in the All Blue to bring the curse to an end.

Type: Ranged
Team: Coral – Undead Archerfish
Special: Dark Soul!
Releases a shadow of his soul to chase and deal damage.



Glass Bam
The pit fighting life in La Concha bay have hardened this old fighter’s carapace, but his days of glory are past.
After gaining fame, he was chosen to fight for his species in The Challenge as the first attempt
of these small crustaceans to win a place in the All Blue, but he lost the fight and almost got killed,
with his legs violently taken away. Now long forgotten, Glass Bam is after a second chance to prove that his fists can win a place for himself.

Type: Melee
Team: Shell – Boxer Shrimp
Special: Shrimp Gun!
Charge a big fist and punches to deal massive damage.



Otherworldly creatures appeared near the All Blue burning their way through the sea.
Their leader is known only as J-Lea and her power core fuels from everything she touches.
If she’s able to win the challenge, life as we know might have an end in the All Blue and the seven seas!
from a heroic organization will enter the fight and try to stop her from boiling all the water of the world before she leaves.

Type: Melee
Team: Algae – Alien Jellyfish
Special: Overheat!
Ignites a large area around her and deal damage.



From the warm waters of the Coral Barrier,Spiky is a rebel punk fighting for his freedom.
After a long time being chewed by dolphins, he developed extraordinary abilities to pierce
his enemies and he was able to survive the challenge when no other pufferfish dared to even try.
If he wins, his species won’t see him as a chubby punk anymore,
he will sit in the throne of the All Blue and maybe the dolphins will stop chewing him for fun.

Type: Ranged
Team: Sand – Punk Pufferfish
Special: Spiky Burst!
Inflates and swirls a burst of spikes in all directions.